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    Dj Zare Demus

    An international dj and hype man with 15 years in the entertainment business.Truly a talented performer, you wont find Zare Demus being a cliched DJ with his head down, however he will be either blazing on the microphone or dropping a dance move while taking his patrons on a musical journey. His versatility allows him to be comfortable at a Barmitzvah and totaly hyped at a smashing club event.


    Zare Demus who was born in Jamaica, started thrilling patrons from the age of 16 when it was cool to buy vinyl and play them on turntables. Having gone through the fire that is Jamaican marathon dancehall sessions, easily reaching 10 hours per set, this gruelling intro to the world of entertainment, in reality, was the best launching pad for this DJ. Zare Demus cut his teeth on the constant demand to entertain and change vibes at any given moment. This is a skill many DJs will never learn, however, Zare Demus has turned it into an art form. Zare Demus’ unique DJ style enables him to play across all genres bringing the same level of energy, professionalism and showmanship to all performances.


    After years of honing his skills as a DJ, not only solo but also backing recording artists and performers on regular gigs and tours, Zare Demus has also branched out into other areas of the entertainment business. Having worked as a publicist/marketing agent for TOK on their international hit single, “Footprints”. Zare Demus has continued using his skills in business to market many other singers/performers from the Caribbean, North America and now Australia where he now has his own radio show on KEEPUP RADIO.


    With his life and professional experience spanning northern & southern hemispheres over several countries, Zare Demus has gained an appreciation for a wide range of musical genres, this is shown in his ability to play to any crowd at any event.


    Zare Demus is able to play at club, corporate and private events with ease. Every single event receives the one-on-one attention it deserves. All requests, ideas, wants & “must haves” are welcome.





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Stick Mareebo is one of Melbourne’s iconic DJ’s. With a career spanning 15 years, DJ’ing at several popular Melbourne night clubs, pubs and bars, including Tom Thumb, The Australian Grand Prix, The Metro, The Prince Band Room, Hard Rock Cafe ©, Heat night club at Crown and Bar Rouge at Zagames but has recently been the resident DJ at all Wine Quest events at Rochford Winery in the Yarra Valley, including the annual Cuban Jazz Festival, Grape Grazing Festival, Salsa Beats, and the annual Rhythm and Vines festival. Stick Mareebo has the ability to get your party going regardless of whom you’ve invited. With years of experience, Stick Mareebo has got the ability to read the crowd, and decide what it would take to get them on the dance floor.

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