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    Music means the world to Jimmy Ryder. He DJ’s with a passion that has the power to move the crowd, both emotionally and on the dance floor. Jimmy first developed his love for deejaying in his home country of New Zealand, famous for their unique dub vibes. At first, more of a hobby, jamming with friends and mucking around freestyling in the studio, it wasn’t long before he was gigging. But, it is that first initial passion that stays with Jimmy and he lives by the quote Do it for the Love of it, like his hero, Tiki Taane, (a very successful DJ, MC singer/songwriter, production engineer from NZ). Most recently, Jimmy has deejayed in at Clique Bar in the city and has also deejayed a lot of birthdays and house parties, so his versatile approach sees him successful in the clubs and in people’s homes.

    Jimmy also has a 6 year career working in the commercial radio industry both in New Zealand and Australia as an announcer, producer and most recently in promotions. He is not shy of the microphone, emceeing many major events in his home city of Christchurch and hosting the popular local Drive Show on More FM, a top 40 station, similar to Mix101.1 in Melbourne where he currently is the Street Team/Campaign Coordinator working closely alongside his colleague and good friend Stick Mareebo. After initially starting out as a Street Team member out and about on the Streets giving away the freebies and crossing live back to the studio, Jimmy has now acquired a range of PR and marketing skills, so also has the skills to promote his gigs very successfully,

    After two years living in Melbourne now, Jimmy is fully settled in and embracing the many different music genres the city has to offer and as well as being up to date with the latest hits with Mix101.1, he also knows the Great Classic Hits of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, working as a Campaign Coordinator on GOLD104.3, home of the good times, which is certainly what Jimmy will bring to your party, as a DJ or an MC!

    Jimmy Ryder looks forward to working with you soon. Peace.

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Stick Mareebo

Stick Mareebo is one of Melbourne’s iconic DJ’s. With a career spanning 15 years, DJ’ing at several popular Melbourne night clubs, pubs and bars, including Tom Thumb, The Australian Grand Prix, The Metro, The Prince Band Room, Hard Rock Cafe ©, Heat night club at Crown and Bar Rouge at Zagames but has recently been the resident DJ at all Wine Quest events at Rochford Winery in the Yarra Valley, including the annual Cuban Jazz Festival, Grape Grazing Festival, Salsa Beats, and the annual Rhythm and Vines festival. Stick Mareebo has the ability to get your party going regardless of whom you’ve invited. With years of experience, Stick Mareebo has got the ability to read the crowd, and decide what it would take to get them on the dance floor.

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